photo series: monopoly austria

in our small collection of board games, there is an austrian version of monopoly from the early seventies, which my mom apparently received as a birthday gift. it has her name written on the bottom of the box in childishly written letters.
the currency in monopoly austria is austrian schillings1, and the game has a set of two or three streets from each provincial capital.

vienna: hoher markt

in january 2007, at one point during a 90-minute-layover in vienna with absolutely nothing to do, i noticed i was walking through one of the streets from monopoly.
i decided to find the other two, and takes pictures.
that same year, coincidence or fate (whatever) also brought me to bregenz, salzburg and eisenstadt (forgot to collect the streets), which means i’ve collected 4 monopoly cities (including innsbruck, excluding eisenstadt) so far.

i’ve just rediscovered this abandoned project, and might try to complete it in the near future.
oh, and please ignore my old hair-“style”. i was young and didn’t know better.

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  1. austrian schillings were officially replaced by the euro in 1999. even the real schillings look like toy money now… []

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