facial trauma? no thanks!

several years ago, i uploaded an x-ray of my skull to wikipedia.
today i was contacted about it:

I’m puzzled by the skull X-ray, I don’t clearly recognise the fracture at first sight… might be useful to use an arrow to indicate the fracture(s).

turns out somebody used the image on wikipedia’s facial trauma article, and now people were wondering why they couldn’t see the supposed injury.

my response:

I’m the user of this skull, so to speak, and my skull wasn’t fractured when the X-ray was taken. I was just being checked for paranasal sinus problems. Maybe that’s why you couldn’t recognize the fracture ;)

2 thoughts on “facial trauma? no thanks!

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH. Wikipedia outta control!

    Marcus, you seem like a nice boy and all, but don’t deny that someone punched you in the face. Heheheheheheh.

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