did it, #1

i’m back home again, now busy trying to cope with the insane temperature drop (37 degrees to 07 degrees celsius).

during my time in thailand, i was able to tick off several items on my virtual “i’ve always wanted to …”-list.

number one: i’ve always wanted to try durian.

markus tastes a durian
markus tastes a durian

the stinky fruit is considered a delicacy by some, and an olfactory offense by lots of others. to give you an idea: durians are usually banned from hotels and public means of transport (flashback).

using it’s awful smell as a standard, the fruit itself didn’t taste as bad as i expected…

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One thought on “did it, #1

  1. HAHAHAH. My dad forbids my mom to eat durian inside the house, and banishes her to the patio in the backyard.

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