life sign

this is just a small post to send you greetings from cape town/south africa!
we’ve been traveling …all over the place in the last three weeks, and still have some time to stay in the region.

i can’t attach photos from here, so that will have to wait until i get home.
i do have some i’m quite proud of, though. ;-)

this is actually the first time i’m sitting in front of a pc since the end of august, and i’ve been missing it far less (=not at all) than i thought i would (=much).

One thought on “life sign

  1. Hi Markus
    I am now teaching kids all about the wonderful world of computing and digital photography in an afterschool programme I am teaching them all about websites this term and am going to use your website as an example. It is funny to see you have been in Capetown as my new man of the last 8 months is currently in South Africa working in Witbank out of Johannesburg he will be in Capetown for three months early in 2008 and wants me to travel too but was not attracted to the idea your blog has changed my mind. I hope you are well it looks like you are still having wonderful adventures
    love to you Julieanne

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