at the end of the (choir) year

in the peak seasons, the choir gets together several times a week for rehearsals and/or concerts.
it’s summer break now, and in a way it feels strange to only meet sporadically…

anyway, here are a few photos of a summer break barbecue at johannes’ place1, and a trip to the alpamare natatorium in badtölz.

[view photos: at the end of the (choir) year]

  1. it’s embarrassing, but at the two occasions when i took photos, johannes himself wasn’t around. []

2 thoughts on “at the end of the (choir) year

  1. OK so … you brought your digital camera with you on the water slide?!?! Brave guy you are!

    And were you underwater with your camera as well with all those underwater photos???

    Hahahha. I was holding my breath while viewing those underwater shots. :)

  2. yes, i was underwater as well. though i found out that i can’t see sharp with my eyes open underwater. supposedly, nobody can.
    have to buy goggles :-)

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