herr nolf!?

i’m involved with many things in university, so a lot of professors know who i am. to be honest, i don’t even know who some of them are.

recently, there have been several situations like these1:

    a professor i don’t know says something about the degree course scheme, but adds that she’s not certain about it (and in fact, she’s wrong).
    me: erm, actually it goes like this: …
    prof: oh, thank you. (to all:) mr. nolf here just told me that …

    me: hi! my name is markus nolf. i signed up for your class, and i have a question regarding …
    professor: oh right, i saw your name on the list. (among the 50+ others who signed up!)

– professor m. asks a question
– nobody answers
– professor m. asks me

here’s one of the downsides of being well-known to your lecturers: in class, whenever nobody answers a “question to crowd”, they tend to ask somebody directly. and usually it’s somebody they can address by name…

  1. and it’s getting kinda freaky, considering that there are ~170 new biology students per year []

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