why the heck do they brand them?

sony-ericsson k750i, with and without software branding

i understand why they preset their own screensavers and phone bootup-/goodbye-images, but where is the sense in ruining design?

had to replace my beloved k750i because of several hardware defects, and the new one was software-branded.
in my view, vodafone is depreciating equipment here – they replaced the nice original icons with smaller ones in fashionable red&turquoise, they re-sorted the menus (which really doesn’t make sense! why move the organizer functions from position 0 to 7?? where’s the point in that?), and all the small submenu-icons look almost the same.

great job, vodafone!
if i didn’t loose warranty, i’d have already unbranded it!

[view photos: software-branded phones suck!]

(that is a custom theme, by the way. the original made me wanna throw up.)

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