time-lapse: paint

ready to go

anton decided to paint one of his bedroom walls, last month.
he had already moved all the furniture away when we had the idea of doing a time-lapse, so we put everything back to normal, set up the camera, and started from the beginning.

i think it was worth it:


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if the video is juttering, try letting it load completely before you start…

the video was created using my sony cybershot f828 and the jg-rc2 intervalometer.

when i wrote on the wall, i was (obviously) just thinking about austrian towns (and didn’t have enough space to complete). :-)

if you look closely, you’ll see (1) me ambushing anton with a water pistol, and (2) the two of us dancing to an abba-song that came up on the radio. :-)

[view photos: walls and paint]

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