how to place copyright tags on your photos

within the last few weeks, i’ve received several questions about the “copyright tags” that i put in my photos, so i’ve decided to assemble a short how-to.

most of you probably think you need fancy image manipulation programs like photoshop, but it’s actually quite simple – all you need is a piece of paper, a pc&printer (if you don’t want it to be hand-written), and a pair of scissors. :-)
see for yourself:

[view photos: how to place copyright tags on your photos]

the motive for this practical course is dagmario, a little zwetschkenkrampus (plum krampus) that i got from kathrin. it also prooves that he’s still alive and well.

some additional hints:

  • choose a high aperture (f-number) for maximum sharpness of both the copyright-tag and the motive.
  • you can individually set the size of the tag by moving the paper closer to/away from the camera.
  • if you don’t have three arms, a tripod is worth a lot!

(if you’re looking for a real answer, try my photoshop how-to, or check out faststone photo resizer – it’s powerful and simple!)

One thought on “how to place copyright tags on your photos

  1. Markus, THANK YOU so much for this tutorial. I have been doing it the stupid way all this time. If only I had read your post earlier, especially about the three arms part. I knew my third arm would come in handy someday!

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