free hugs in innsbruck

gotta post this as long as it’s fresh:

i’m just boldly assuming that you already know the free hugs video from sydney (thx caro).
my friend lisa saw it too, and she decided to start the same thing here in innsbruck…

it seems strangely …unreal and long ago now (just 12 hours later), but it was incredible.
i stopped by to take photos and enjoy some hugs myself, and the reactions that i witnessed were just amazing.
some people were just smiling and silently sneaked by, others were hesitant and seemed to think “i could give it a try”, and lots of them* just did it. there was so much positive energy!
* my general impression of tyroleans involves adjectives like stubborn and close-mouthed (relatively, of course), so i was REALLY surprised about how many passersby went for the free hugs.

[view photos: free hugs in innsbruck]

more photos will be posted here in the course of the day…

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