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[posted: Sunday, 2006-10-15] [category: general, music]

there are a few dates coming up which (the austrian/innsbruckian part of) you might be interested in:

    october 23, i’ll be showing some photos of my round-the-world-trip (from earlier this year). i’s a public blattform presentation, so it’s going to be a little more biological than usual…

    november 29, the choir will perform carmina burana by carl orff in innsbruck

    december 9 and 10, we will also perform j.s. bach’s christmas oratorio BWV 248 in telfs.

it took a rehearsal weekend and full-time-hearing the carmina for me to start to actually like it. by now, i can say i’m enjoying it.
contrary, i just loved the bach-coloraturas from the beginning, and i’m really looking forward to take part in that concert.


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