time-lapse, part 9: a new haircut

in october 2004, i decided to let my hair grow for an entire year.
we all know the horrific outcome of this plan… :-)

i started documenting this “project” from the beginning – here’s a collage of self-portraits:

if you don’t know me – don’t worry, i’m back to normal now. ;-)

the camera was set up in a way so you can see both front and back at the same time.


total time:
shutter speed:

10 seconds
30 minutes

Sony Cybershot DSC-F717 & JG-RC2
video data:
mpeg4/xvid – one pass: quality – 10 fps – qual: 90% (get the codec | help)
video length:
18 sec.
x 150 (1 second in the video equals 2,5 minutes in real-time)
file size:
5,6 MB

i decided to keep the circle of viewers limited for now, so there’s no direct link to the video.
if you’re interested, contact me (or leave a comment, with a valid email-address), and i’ll send you the link and/or a youtube-invitation.

btw, happy lucky tuesday, everybody!

3 thoughts on “time-lapse, part 9: a new haircut

  1. WOW!!!:shock: HAHAHA nice! I LOVE the afro!

    I can’t get over it. I am fascinated by the clown-hair in the 9th pic in that series :)

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