some things change quickly

thursday afternoon: trying to decide what spot under the palm i should take, to get a break from all the sunshine. denia, spain / 35 degrees (celsius!)

friday afternoon: trying to see if that mountaintop is really covered in snow (which it was!), because i couldn’t really see through all that rain. rum, austria / 15 degrees

– – – – –

while trying to shut down my brain for the holidays, a bunch of questions got stuck in my head:

  • is there another word for synonym?
  • do “all caucasians look the same” in the eyes of an ignorant african?
  • how many people are there, looking at their lives and saying “well, it’s not what i wanted, but it’s the best i could get, given the circumstances.”?
  • doesn’t “colouring my hair” equal “lying about my genetic information/quality”?
    you know, complying with “people are DNA’s way of making more DNA”
  • are 500.000 letters enough for a medium-sized book with a medium-sized font?
  • how can i state (in a politically correct way) that extremely obese people make me want to never eat again?
  • how do the japanese pronounce their nationality adjective? (e.g. how do you translate “japanese” into japanese?)

pics are on the way!

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