el estio espanol

i don’t mean to brag, but i’m in denia/spain again, this time with my family – the first family holiday in several years…

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random thoughts:

  • it’s an interesting feeling leave the country, travel half a day, and arrive at home, and yet 2.000km away from home. :-)
  • dad actually decided that i should be the driver. our rental car is a fiat grande – it’s so quiet, you can hardly hear the engine running!
  • i think it’s kinda sad that at the age of 21, i’m already happy to be (almost) cut off from tele-communication for a few weeks.
    oh well. :-\
  • i have trouble just imagining that about 200 years ago (?), spain was covered in dense forests. it’s pretty close to a savannah now.
  • trying to get something out of your system sometimes has the exact opposite effect.
  • i hate to hear my own native language (or some dialect of it) when i board a plane, or when i arrive at a foreign place. in this regard, spain may not be the ideal holiday location…
  • as i write this, i’m sweating just by sitting here. i love summer!

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