albuin around the world

i have two guests staying at my place for a few days: augibunde, the noctule bat, and albuin, the parti-coloured bat.

albuin visiting the space needle in seattle, usa

of course, i couldn’t resist taking some photos, and i started playing around with one of the shots…

albuin (pronounced al-boo-een) likes to go places and see the world – so in this post, i’m presenting some snaps from his travels around the globe.

[view photos: albuin around the world]

2 thoughts on “albuin around the world

  1. my dear markus,

    thank you for making me laugh out loud, literally!

    while looking thru your pictures, i was marvelling at how huge albuin was. until we got to vegas! either he shrank or those are some really huge slot machines!

    perhaps you should get some award for best photoshop skills. even better than my attempt :)

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