webdesign & graphics awards of the millennium

i present to you, the absolutely stunning design of www.creative-creatures.at.
i am still in awe – speechless – just thinking about the airy details, the subtle choice of colours, and the realistic illusion of shadows around some of the images.
it’s a small island of sheer beauty, in a world of awful websites; not just eyecandy, but a feast for the eyes!

now, you probably won’t believe me, but this is actually contracting work!!
i’m sure, www.kulturspur.at is considered one of the most innovative webdesign companies overall.

a closer look on their imprint-page revealed that there’s actually a real person avowing herself to those graphics. furthermore, they clearly state that all of their images are protected by copyright law.

…and the prize goes to:

kulturspur.at – digital beauty

congratulations to winning the webdesign & graphics awards of the millenium!

One thought on “webdesign & graphics awards of the millennium

  1. i’m speechless, markus. you have got to be kidding me! you’re being sarcastic … right? (don’t mess with me, i’m the most gullible person in the world)

    i mean … maybe they should get an award for “Website that Strictly Uses MS Paint For All of Their Graphics Needs”?

    … wow … subtle choice of colours indeed …

    oh wait… this post was filed under “fun”… so you are just pulling my leg. ~phew~

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