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local time: 26.11.2005 19:38

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ok, here are some photos from the tolga bat hospital, and from the trip to the reef.

and as a special goodie, i’ve uploaded this little proof, that i was NOT killed by the first private host in singapore, who would have taken over my identity.
(hi, dad ;-) )

videopost - please choose language below
videopost – please choose language below

[view video*]
english version (MPG, 20 sec, 1,77 MB)
german version (tyrolean dialect) (MPG, 20 sec, 1,77 MB)
* sorry, i just had to copy caroline’s idea of the banana-mic. besides, i didn’t want to buy a whole loaf of bread just for a 20-sec video…

[view photos: cairns photo update]

[lyrics quote of the moment]
it’s so beautiful here, she says
this moment now
and this moment now
vienna teng – recessional


hier sind wieder einmal ein paar fotos vom tolga flughunde-krankenhaus und vom riff-trip.

und als zugabe ein kleiner beweis dafuer, dass ich NICHT von meinem ersten privaten gastgeber per kettensaege umgebracht wurde und dieser dann meine identitaet uebernommen hat.
(hallo, papa!)

videopost - bitte sprache auswaehlen
videopost – bitte sprache auswaehlen

englische version (MPG, 20 sec, 1,77 MB)
deutsche version (tiroler dialekt) (MPG, 20 sec, 1,77 MB)
* sorry, ich musste einfach caroline’s idee mit dem bananen-mikrophon kopieren.

[view photos: cairns photo update]

One thought on “photos and videos

  1. hahahahah that’s awesome, Markus. bilingual video footage! maybe next time i’ll do video in Chinese with English subtitles or something :)

    well, i suppose one advantage of having a loaf-of-bread mic would mean more food for the birds?

    glad you seem to be having fun, even though it’s hot!

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