all saints’ day

instead of uploading some long-overdue photos, i’ll share a quick thought:

this year, more than ever, i noticed the social aspect of holidays.
on all saints’ day, many austrians go to their ancestors’ gravestones for a “memorial mass”. however, what apparently counted to most of the people i saw, was greeting/meeting the other residents that they hadn’t met in …pretty much one year.
and i assume that going to the cafe afterwards is almost as profound of a tradition as going to the cemetaries itself.

up to now i thought that those kinds of days – church holidays, public holidays, even events like birthdays or fake anniversaries like “we haven’t seen each other in 3 months – lets get drunk” gettogethers – were just a plea to get together and celebrate.
today, i know that one of the most important things about these traditions is the “getting together” part.
if there is no other way to meet the set of acquaintances that i’ll call “the folks”, finding a reason to get together is totally appropriate. even if that means making one up.

having said that, i’m positive i’ll be in the mood to celebrate my birthday next year. it’ll be pretty hard to invite most of my friends this time, though ;-)
speaking of seattle – did i mention i’ll be in singapore next week? hehe. :-p

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