i hate the windows-search dog

lately, i made intensive use of the windows file-search.
and while i generally keep the search windows open for some time, i loose concentration because the stupid dog makes scratching noises all the time!

no doggy, that’s a bad doggy! :mad:

BTW, some real entries should come up soon

apparently, i’m not the only one

2 thoughts on “i hate the windows-search dog

  1. i like the dog. however it’s distracting to me too, but that’s because i like to keep animating it to see if it does anything i haven’t seen yet. :)

    also i just realized that the secret to leaving comments was to fill in the e-mail field. i was wondering why i couldn’t post comments!

  2. erm, actually, the email field is not mandatory at all…
    are you sure you entered “meecrob” previously?

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