8 days a week

you know that you didn’t get enough sleep – by FAR less than you normally need – when you’re sitting in the office, getting hot and cold flushes and feeling very nauseous.
i’m glad yesterday is over ;-)
some additional info about bad tuesday will be published soon.
an eigth day per week would come in very handy, these days…

monday was a good day, though:
two of my boxes overlapped when the wiltener sängerknaben boys choir commissioned a bat-night as part of their summer camp program.

the bat-catching part was very productive: with only two nets, we caught 6 greater mouse-eared bats (myotis myotis, grosses mausohr) – 2 bitchy males and 4 bitchy females -, 1 male daubenton’s bat (myotis daubentonii; wasserfledermaus), and 2 male common pipistrelles (pipistrellus pipistrellus, zwergfledermaus) in less than two hours.

    speaking of bats: i got the chance to …get to know the (willful = bitchy-whenever-she-doesn’t-like-something) parti-coloured bat (vespertilio murinus, zweifarbfledermaus). photos will be up sometime soon.

afterwards, i met up with some of the choir’s male voices (=the childrens’ custodians) and we socialized over a snack and some cold beers. and strawberry-kiwi (strawkiwi?) flavored icetea for me ;-)

i didn’t find any time to take photos, but i’ll be back to stift stams next week – and this time, i’ll bring a tripod.

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