cycling, zillertal valley

last saturday, goti, andreas, anton and i decided to go for a cycling trip. all of us (except anton) hadn’t really done anything regarding sports, so we took an easy route for a start.

andreas, goti and anton

we rode our bikes from fügen (at the entry to the zillertal valley; north at the google image) to mayrhofen [G] (just about 40km).

since the zillertal valley is located in tirol, and it was a saturday, it rained. but what the heck.
we had a fun time and breakfast hardly ever tasted that good (including the fresh orange juice).
and to get home, we took a steam engine of the zillertalbahn, which was built in 1900.

[view photos: cycling, zillertal valley]

by the way: note the constant constellation of “andreas-goti-anton-me (behind the camera)” in all of the photos – even in the breakfast picture. i only noticed this afterwards.

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