new homepage section: travel

i have been wondering how i could utilize google’s free service (with unlimited image storage) and tried to integrate it into my site.
now here’s the outcome: a travel section (instead of the t610-section that i was never going to finish anyway).

in this section, you will find a list/summary of all the documented trips and travels, and you’ll be forwarded to separate blogger-blogs once you click on any of them.
i know it’s not perfect. and although blogger leaves lots of stuff up to the bloggers themselves (you can create your completely own theme if you know html/xml), there’s some stuff it can’t do.
for example, i’d like to have four different images per line, but that’s not possible* because it there is no possiblity to create loops (the programming kind)…
* well, not possible if you’re not willing to manually integrate and link to every single image you’d like to publish…

also, the link for viewing the image in full size (usually 640×480) will take you to the images themselves, so there’s no layout around it, and no possibility to display further details or continuative links/slideshows.

but i realized that if my rate of traveling keeps constant – or even increases – i probably won’t have any webspace left by november. storing travel photos externally will give me a huge cushion.

so there you go – for a start i’ve moved the trip to hamburg (2004-09) over to blogger, and i FINALLY* got the pics from my trip to seattle/WA online! w00t!
*yes, it was about time. nearly two years afterwards is kinda late…

at the same time, i finished my travel journal flashback to the seattle vacation in sep./oct. 2003: see the next post

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