it is unbelievable how much the people of my borg (~high-school) class have changed since graduation.

today, after learning some …interesting news, i came to think about the time that we all sat there in one class. and i noticed that this precious batch of memories is only 2,5 years old!
of course, if someone had told us about our future back then, no one would have believed a bit.

so now, having repressed most of the (few) bad reminders from the past, i can’t help but reminisce about the great times we had in borg: the school trips, the boring lessons, the fun&creative breaks (including rumba-queues throughout the whole building), even the “whole class vs. teacher” arguments…
back then, we were constantly told how nice school is compared to real life, but we didn’t buy it. that’s probably just something you have to experience for yourself to really understand it.

people my age are making decisions FOR LIFE now. they get ahead, go places, and sometimes take routes that nobody could have predicted.
it’s almost as if we’re they’re grown-ups now.

    this impression is intensified by a new “meeting people”-phase: i’m constantly running into old acquaintances and colleagues that i haven’t met in a long time. looks like this is a cyclic phenomenon

there’s so much to tell once you run into somebody, and (for me) there’s a profoundly good feeling coming along. even if it’s just saying “hi!” and doing some 30 seconds of smalltalk…

i guess the world really doesn’t stop turning if you’re not around…

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riverdance – the countless cathleen (instrumental)

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