piss-me-off-athon, rank 2

something that really upsets me is needless stupid behaviour.
like someone throwing half a kebab out of the bus, just because he doesn’t want to eat it anymore.

i was already annoyed because the whole bus was smelling like kebab.
then, that teenage boy threw his kebab out, and i wanted to point out to him that that’s not ok. he didn’t hear me talking (at a normal voice), although i sat right behind him. when he threw out his friend’s leftover-kebab at the next stop, i got …a little louder than i usually get in the bus.
so he *did* pick up the stuff that didn’t make it out of the bus, as i told him very distinctly.
the nice aspect: an elderly lady sitting next to me immediately backed me up!

and i tend to think that my hairdo did its part in saying “i’m not afraid of anybody”

it’s nice *not* to live in a big city, where people stab you if you point out their misbehaviour…

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