do-it-yourself home-cinema in 3 hours

since sunday was such a nice, sunny day, tom and i decided to have an open-air cinema evening.

when we started, we only knew what wall we’d project the video on.
so about three hours before the official beginning, we plastered a part of our farmhouse’s east wall and painted it white twice (luckily, we still had some paint – it’s hard to get stuff on sundays in austria).
i was able to borrow lisa’s son’s beamer, and went to get it while sandra, anton and tom set up the rest.

conditions were PERFECT: two days before midsummer (shortest night in the *whole year*) and three days before full moon. :mrgreen:

it got appropriately dark around nine-ish, and we started the movie: star wars, episode II
despite all of the booooring scenes in between, it was fun to watch again. and the new video-wall is amazing to watch stuff on!

i can’t wait to see episode 4, 5 and 6 open-air!
although, it could take a while until another weekend has nice weather :???:
it might be better to watch them in winter anyway, because then it gets dark at 5 pm :razz:

no photos for now, because my brother doesn’t seem to get the difference between analog and digital photography. or email and snail mail, for that matter.

[view photos: do-it-yourself home-cinema]

[lyrics quote of the moment]
i can’t get to sleep
i think about the implications
of diving in too deep
and possibly the complications
colin hay – overkill

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