confirmation day

today was joel and antonia’s confirmation day (the sacrament of confirmation has been postponed from 12 to the age of 17 in parts of austria), so we sang there. it went pretty well, i think.
unfortunately today’s recording is totally overdriven, because i forgot to make the proper settings…

afterwards, we were invited to join the feast.

the whole thing felt very familial, although i only knew two people (excluding the choir members).

my former art teacher, monsieur [french it up!] engele, was also involved in today’s happenings, and it was cool to meet him again.
back in the days, he always entered the room full of energy and was very enthusiastic. two hours later, he left the classroom as frustrated as can be…
his lessons are among the ones i remember most, because he always wanted to teach us something for life, not just for grades…

[view photos: antonia and joel’s confirmation]

3 thoughts on “confirmation day

  1. i just missed to make an entry because i didn’t enter this ingenious word below :twisted:
    i wanted to say that you’re quite fast with abdating your page… nice blog about our confirmation :smile:
    so thx for coming and joining the feast afterwards.. with anticipation i’m looking forward to see the photos updated… thx again joel

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