save the chimpanzees!

it seems like i am no longer generally annoyed at chimpanzees* children!
* sorry, little game we’re playing in our family…

last weekend, our little neighbour girl (age 8?) came over and had lunch with us – no signs of inconvenience!
the other day, in a doctor’s waiting room, there was this 4 year-old boy who kept playing with the light switch (his mother came to get him every 10 seconds or so) – no “irritating-ness” in my eyes!

then yesterday, we had a big (!) choir rehearsal with about 50 (FIFTY!) 8-12 year-old boys in one room. still, i didn’t feel the (otherwise usual) overwhelming need to leave the room.

i remember howard (the choirmaster of the “innsbrucker capellknaben” boy’s choir) telling us “be quiet – you know i hate the noise of happy children!”
the last part was meant jokingly, of course.
anyway, looks like i can say that and *not* mean it, now ;-)

my amusement with children is certainly increased because now i know, that babies dribble over 140 liters of saliva before they’ll celebrate their first birthday…
(a little fun fact that i got from a bbc documentary)

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