stupid political spammers

this week there will be elections for student representation.
that’s not something bad, right?

wrong – because all of the contestant parties are legally allowed to send mass emails to EVERY SINGLE student, using one central email address list. :evil:

this sucks. it’s really annoying – not just for me, but also for some fellow students (well, probably not as much).
we can’t opt out from the snail mail trash letters they send, and now they’re even taking away the fun of email.

i am pissed! :evil:

i can’t fight the spamming directly (i sent an email to the rector and all (!!) of his co-workers/assistants, and received an “it’s the law, we can’t fight it”-response), but in case you want to contact those honest (…) and simply-caring-about-others (…) people, here are the email addresses of all most of* the parties and their nominees (list will be completed day-to-day):
* some of the parties don’t even name their contestants…

where possible, i looked up the university email adresses (csa…), so you can get in touch directly, and not through some fakey forwarding mailbox…

please do not use this list for spamming, and i can only HOPE that no spambots and/or email address crawlers get to my site.
because that’s the last thing i want! no, honestly :twisted:

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