the end of the beginning…

i just got home from the theaters.
i haven’t been to a cinema for at least one year, but just about every website i found, said something like, “if you’re going to see just one movie this year, it’s gotta be this one!”

i’m still thrilled with star wars, episode III !  i think it’s an amazing movie, and (fortunately) it’s far better than part I and II combined (here* is a comment that i completely agree to – 100%).
* go to “It’s OK to be a STAR WARS fan again.”

but i noticed two severe mistakes, which is a real bummer:

  • on kashyyyk (the wookies’ planet) there is the “afloat attack”. you see those giant weel-ships driving on the water’s surface. before they reach the other shore (you can see it already), two wookie’s swing in on their lianas and blast a ship.
    yeah, right!
  • in episode VI (return of the jedi), obi-wan says, “he was our last hope,” to which yoda responds, “no, there is another.”
    how can obi-wan not remember that he was the one handing the twins to padme amidala in episode III???
    this is either a HUGE mistake in the whole story, or there’s something i don’t know (i haven’t searched the net, yet).

those guys state, that

    Kenobi may have known about Leia in TESB before Yoda stated, “there is another [hope]”, but he may not have thought Leia was capable of doing much hence he said Luke was their last hope.

    Luke had already begun training as a jedi, and time would have seemed like it was running out. Leia was probably a lost cause in Kenobi’s eyes, hence his statement!

makes sense to me…

other than that, i think it’s amazing how they pulled the strings to get such a smooth transition to episode IV’s plot.
and the transformation to darth vader is the limit!
there really aren’t many questions left to ask (except, maybe, how qui-gon learned how to join the force AFTER he died).

if you haven’t seen ep III yet, you definitely have to! i totally recommend it!

little side note here: it’s interesting that the androids were played/controlled by anthony daniels (c-3po) and kenny baker (r2-d2). they were in episode IV to IV already, just like peter mayhew (chewbacca) and ben burtt (the sound designer).

6 thoughts on “the end of the beginning…

  1. You sure are right… Starwars episode III indeed is THE movie of the year. :mrgreen:

    I’m amazed how accurately you’ve analized the movie and that you found so many “mistakes”… how often did ou see it… 10 or 15 times??? :wink:

    liebe grüße, Sebastian

  2. do i sense some irony here?

    i saw it just once, actually.
    and i wouldn’t say “2” is that many.

    besides: r2-d2 catching that communicator in the beginning of the movie is pretty marginal, too…

  3. I am not a Star Wars fan, however, since the bf (aka TheBoy) IS, I dragged my butt out to see it with him and was pleasantly surprised. Time to start watching those old Star Wars episodes to jog the memory …

    My favorite scene has to be Yoda fighting against the Chancellor. I was marvelling at his skill and how he and his light saber were practically flying all around :)

  4. yes, yoda’s action was cool! :grin:
    and i loved the scene where he just crushed the two guards (right before the big fight). and the two “now-evil” clones on kashyyyk…

    he came out *much* more plausible this time.
    in the end of episode 2, he just looked like a bumble-bee/firefly swirling around :???:

  5. “do i sense some irony here?”

    Haha… who nows. :mrgreen: No, not really. I never try to be ironic. :grin:

    BTW, heres (in my oppinion) the biggest mistake in the whole starwars saga:

    (or i missed something…)

    In episode IV, obi wan says to luke: “Das ist das Laserschwert deines Vaters, er wollte, dass du es bekommst, wenn du alt genug bist.”


    1)In episode III, vader doesn’t even know that his children are born. (since he thinks padame is dead)

    2)Obi wan only realizes that anakin is the father, AFTER he transformed to vader and becomes his enemy… so when should he have told him this?

    We will never know…:wink:

  6. you have a point!
    but i suppose you could interpret that line as “he *would have* wanted you to have it”. obi-wan also said that vader killed anakin, and later explained that from a certain point of view, he did…

    he could also have wanted to start the topic of “i knew your father”, but i don’t remember exactly how the scene went.

    all in all: we will never know… :wink:

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