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[posted: Thursday, 2005-05-12] [category: fun]

i took this passage from an email i just sent:

    please tell … i sent “get well soon!”-wishes! oh wait, could you sing it to her?
        sorry for that, i seem to be bubbling with nonsense-energy again…
        i usually spend that seemingly endless amount of energy on my family. hehe :-)
        you may just talk if you prefer to ;-)

yeah, my parents were out tonight, seeing “struwwelpeter” (shock-headed peter) in the theater. it’s a collection of short educative tales; amongst others, there’s one about a boy who won’t eat his soup – and eventually dies, and one about a boy who won’t cut his hair. (hey – i *do* cut my fingernails – so stop coining resemblances!)

i’m sure they got plenty of new nicknames for my haircut ;-)


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