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[posted: Wednesday, 2005-05-11] [category: computers & technology]

currently, there are 7 drafts waiting to be finished in my wordpress home.
and yet, i have to start another one and get this out first:

i’ve rediscovered and i think i’m going to use it for some major advantages.
blogger is a free service by google, which has also “assimilated” picasa, a company dedicated to image storage etc. eventually, the two services were (at least partly) merged together, and now you can post pictures to your blogger-blog.

when i looked around, there was no sign of any limitation of pictures to post there, and when i digged a little deeper, i found this:

    “there is currently no limit on the number or amount of pictures that can be posted. The only limit is that you can post a picture with a maximum resolution of 1024 x 768.”

the best part about this: i couldn’t find any signs of blocking external use, either.
so i think i’ll do a few test-runs and upload my pictures to the other server, using them here, on my website.

it is, however, likely to happen that firefox (as i assume, everybody is using by now) will block those external images, confusing it with external website ads. if that’s the case, you might want to right-click one of those “broken” image-placeholders and uncheck “block images from photos1.blogger…”

there’s not much time at the moment, but i have one test-image up already (yes, it’s the photo from my last post):
[go here and try it]

it didn’t work out so well…
i know that at least firefox and opera can cause problems, so i have to abandon this idea…
it was kinda like the perfect legal crime, though.


  1. Caroline :) says:

    Again, I’m using Opera as my browser at the moment, and I couldn’t see the picture. All it said was [LAST PHOTO]. Boo! I was hoping to see what you looked like! :mrgreen:

  2. markus says:

    aww, cr@p.
    it’s back on *my* server now, so it should work fine.

    well, you won’t see that much of me anyway :wink:


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