gallery shortcuts

i took the time and implemented some keyboard-shortcuts for my gallery.

when you open the single-picture view, there’s three possibilities:

    [<--] (left arrow) or [-] (minus) will get you to the previous photo,
    [–>] (right arrow) or [+] (plus) leads to the next one.
    [end] ([ende] in the german layout) will close the window.

i haven’t tested the little javascript in the background with a mac computer yet, but it should work.

above the photo, there are two new menu items:

    [link] is a permanent link to that photo (for copy&paste).
    [?] will pop-up the keyboard-shortcuts

try it with the latest photos i uploaded:
[view photos: night sky]

2 thoughts on “gallery shortcuts

  1. Hi M,

    I’m currently trying to wean myself off of IE (Internet Evilness) and am using Opera at the moment. I tried browsing your gallery and the arrow keys worked for me. The minus sign made the pictures smaller, the plus sign did nothing, and the end key did nothing. Not sure if the minus sign making the pics smaller was your doing or an inherent function in Opera?

    Nice pics, btw. I enjoyed the silhouettes of the trees the most.

  2. hey, caroline!

    thank you for the notice.
    [minus] should actually do the same as [left arrow], and it does for me… :???:
    also, the [plus] and [end] keys work just fine on all the computers i have access to…

    i’ll be looking into that…

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