yesterday, i attended the first rehearsal of the choir i’m joining. i really enjoyed it, looking forward to the next one!
it was about time i started singing on a regular basis again!

later that day it started raining really hard, but it still wasn’t chilly. kind-of the first summer-rain of the year. when the rehearsal was over around 10pm, it was pouring. i had to turn down a good friend’s offer to give me a lift home, so i could take a walk through the city.

it is sooo refreshing to promenade umbrella-less in a rainstorm.
there’s something so simple and original to it…

ok, this pattern was partly inspired by the movie “instinct” (you know, the scene where anthony hopkins realizes he doesn’t need to cover his head when it’s raining).
but once you try it, you’ll get addicted. or, at least, you’ll come down with a high-quality cold ;-)

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