i just drifted through the wikipedia and found a link to dan smith’s tengwar fonts.
tengwar is, of course, j.r.r. tolkien’s alphabet for several middle-earth languages – especially quenya and sindarin, two elvish languages.

when i had a look at his font-packages, i was impressed by his licence:

    These files are Postcardware. If you have installed these fonts, enjoy using
    them, and plan on using them in the future, please send me a postcard or letter
    (using an attractive or interesting stamp). My current postal address can be
    found at the bottom of my this read-me file. If you supply me with your email
    address, I’ll try to write back.

i like that!
definitely something to keep in mind for the non-photographic stuff i’m going to publish here.
or how about a small note in my baccalaureate papers ;-)

oh – and you can transcribe your name into tengwar over at Måns Björkman’s pages!
(choose “png” as your output format if you don’t have any tengwar packages installed)

nerdy, but interesting

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