computer problems, final part | magical t610-healing

…at least i hope it’s the final part.

following eric cartman’s “screw you guys, i’m going home!” (wav), i went to buy a new computer on friday.
nothing too fancy – 1.6 ghz, 120 gb, 256 mb (…i’m going to have to get another ram-bar.) – only cost me 300 euros.
it’s really quiet, and it supports usb2.0, which i’ve dreamt about for sometime ;-)

it broke my heart to break the warranty seal only two hours after i bought the pc. i *did* a complete install first and checked if everything works, but then there was a lot of stuff that i wanted to “transplant” from the old pc (disk drives, graphics cards, harddisk…).

something i never mentioned:
my t610 died in mid-february, because it fell off the desk. it was just dead, didn’t react to anything.
so i bought another t610 at ebay – because i LOVE the t610, and the new models (except the t630) lack of design. the seller knowingly didn’t mention the crappy vodafone-branding (buttons reassigned, display messed up with poor images and icons, …), now i had to buy the proper hardware to get the original software up.
i plugged in my old (and pretty dead) t610, just because, and *tadaah* it works fine again. i didn’t even do anything, just plugged it in. no pc-cellphone-communication!
it acts as if nothing ever happened. which means, i now have a spare t610 lying around…
i will probably trade it in for some good asthma at ebay.

since i have two identical phones with different software versions, i played around a bit. it turns out, with the newest software version, the phone takes only half the time to save a photo!!

my super-social run was continued over the weekend, by the way – there’s no end in sight.
that’s another reason why it took me so long to have my pc set up again.

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