computer problems, part x

gee, i hate it when computers do that!

there’s a complete blackout happening from time to time. apparently it’s a hardware problem, and i haven’t figured out why it does what it does: black screen, no reaction to any input device, dvd-drive and burner constantly checking for media/blinking, not even the pc’s power-button works.
sometimes it happens two minutes after booting, sometimes 2 hours – but certainly when it’s most improper.

when i switch off power completely, for several hours, it acts just like everything’s fine again.
on the other hand, it doesn’t seem to correlate with how long the computer has been running, either.

then, yesterday, my usb-ports stopped working. windows, however, thinks they are working fine.
   …ok, this could be my fault, i’m not sure.

that’s it, i’m getting a new computer! :twisted:
that way, i’ll also have the backup harddrive i always wanted…

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