$#!+ (part 2)

i wrote this today (friday) around lunchtime, but i couldn’t finish the whole post… so there it is:

wow – what a nice (yester-)day!

shortly after my last post, sentiments changed. i left work early and went up to innsbruck’s “loge” hungerburg, where i joined a rehearsal of kurt and the …young people of his small school choir. we’re participating in a tyrol-wide choir contest on saturday.

    little side note here: i feel old in general, but in certain situations – surrounded by ~15/16ers – i felt REALLY OLD.

anyway, they’re all great singers and we had a lot of fun.
i did, however, sacrifice the illusion of me being a nice guy and played mr. “now shut up and concentrate” “shhh” (or “taskmaster”, as i was jokingly called). but in my defense, concentration was very low at times, i was still really kind!
at some point we declared the rest of the evening a “nice get-together”, but most of us were singing again not long after that.
mina and my brand-new plait
i even got a strand of hair plaited, and for some reason i promised to keep it until our performance on saturday.

little contemplative paragraph:
it seems like lately, singing is one of very few musical occupations where the (very subjective) efforts are outweighing the (very subjective) values…
that’s another reason why i went up there again this afternoon.

when i got home (on thursday) around midnight, i noticed that weather conditions and the moonlight were practically compelling to take time exposure pictures (will be posted).

i have taken lots of photos on several occasions lately (including yesterday) but i haven’t had time to upload them yet.
highlights include: thursday night’s night photos, another episode of “innsbruck at night”, a super-macro session showing skin details, lots of buds ..budding, and a very different self portrait.
but they’re definitely not going to be up before sunday evening. maybe then i’ll find the time to post at least some of them…
man, i am written off!

pictures are up!

[view photos]

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