thinking in circles

this happens a lot to me, lately:
i’m the “thinker type” of person, and i do think a lot. (the second half sounds so crappy and presumptuous, i had to add it! ;-))
everytime my intense contemplation yields a result – like another landmark decision, or just a little “a-ha” about certain phenomenons interacting – it doesn’t take long until i read about that same topic (with about the same attitude) on somebody else’s blog.
i am reading some blogs regularly, but not too many. and this effect only takes place on a small number of blogs.

this could either mean that we’re all just “thinking in circles”, with the same questions and basic fears rising again and again.
OR there are some people out there who are very very much like me, sharing my thoughts and arriving at the same conclusions as i am.
if so, there’s a lot i can learn about myself by just reading what they’re up to…

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