googlebot news

about two weeks ago, google’s image-crawler hit my site and was given a tasty meal. actually it was manipulated a bit, so it would find my photos, because the galleries are not (yet) fully accessible to searchengine-bots.

since google indexed my pictures, there has been a constant number of about 70 visitors a day, most of who came looking for certain photos.
besides, many users have come here in search of time-lapse stuff – so that’s a dramatic rise in daily visitors!

on a little side note: apparently, the bot that revealed itself as “Googlebot-Image/2.1” in the past, has been renamed to “Mediapartners-Google/2.1”. maybe this is the first sign that google is preparing to index more kinds of media. this is of course just vague imagination, which was triggered by somebody at google stating that they were peering to index the part of the net that is not yet accessible to searchengines… (see the relatively new compatibility of .ppt-files, for example)

haha – speaking of the devil:

    date: Monday, 11.Apr.2005 @ 20:59:13
    hostname: (ip:
    browser: Mediapartners-Google/2.1

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