hillbillies all around me

here’s an anectode from today’s dogwalk:
our route ultimately led us (scully and me) up to the fresh snow line (there’s fresh snow from yesterday and today up on the mountains).
we just went straight up the avalance area (it isn’t that much snow!), when scully stopped and made some hunting gestures (standing still, listening, her tail straight back and up, …).
i couldn’t see anything unusual, but then something big leaped back into the more dense forest. at first i thought it was a deer, but at closer look, it resembled this.

    dang, i couldn’t even find ONE picture of that cool creature from south park’s “the tooth fairy’s tats” (s4e02). by the way, how come if you search altavista for chicken-squirrel you get pictures of ricky martin? i used all the possible keywords with google and altavista and didn’t get one correct result… :sad:
    i did, however, find out how the first “half chicken half squirrel” was created
    ***UPDATE*** i did find a thumbnail, it’s here! i also found an entry in the urban dictionary

so anyway, we finally reached a pasture called enzianhütte (gentian hut), and i was getting really thirsty – so i decided to get a sprite there. i opened the door, and it was like in one of those old wild-west movies: sudden silence, discussions interrupted, everybody looking at me as if i was an alien :shock: :shock: :shock: (i could nearly hear them thinking “oh my god, who is that? what is he doing here?”). the hut was really crowded inside (it’s a small hut, too), and people stopped staring once i had greeted everybody around me separately…

me: “i’ll have a sprite, please”
bartender: “to drink?”
me: “if you’ve got some on a stick, that’s fine too!”

this was the most hillbilly-y first-hand experience i’ve made in a veeeeery long time. i guess that just proves that even though i live close to the city (austrian scales!), there’s tons of hillbillies all around me…
comforting feeling!

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