landmark decisions

it’s funny how much can change within a year, if you just decide to change.
on march 23rd 2004 – one year (and a week) ago – i wrote a little memo to myself, the content being something like this:

    i want to be more spontaneous. i want to see the world. i need to get rid of some obligations.

with these simple three lines branded/carved deeply into my (sub-)consciousness, my life began to alter.
over time, i shed some parts of my life that i wasn’t 100% sure i wanted to continue, and i rearranged my priorities. with this landmark decision finally made, everything seemed so easy – and from what i remember, it was.
soon, some friends and i made a trip to munich, just because.
since then, i have been to south tyrol/italy, hamburg/germany, berlin/germany, denia/spain, budapest/hungary and south tyrol/italy again (not mentioning the trips&excursions within tyrol).

i guess what i’m trying to say, is, that i’ve made a 90° turnaround, and i’m glad i did.
it may not seem that thrilling, but from what i used to do before (especially before fall 2003), it’s a radical change.
you can only win, except if you die from a traffic accident ;-).

so currently, i’m planning more than my mind can bear – let’s see where i’ll end up

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