choir, again

tonight, on what could be called “easter’s eve” (maybe it is even called that, no idea.), i was singing with our Osternacht Jugendchor (easter’s eve youth choir) – a project for “young” local people to have a festive easter celebration. i think it turned out well, and it *was* pretty festive!

i realized once more how bustling/hectic my life has gotten, because i couldn’t really concentrate for more than ten minutes at a time. after a short while, little things, glimpses, facts, memories, … just popped into my head. that’s why i suddenly smiled several times without an aparrent reason, just in case someone noticed and wondered.
i just did it again. :grin:

i took a few pictures, again – i’ve added them to the previous photosession, because there were only three again.
here’s the link:

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