researching the really interesting questions

you know how many chips are in a usual 200g-package?
just about enough to crackle and rustle for the whole busdrive from innsbruck to rum without seeming *not* greedy.

how about something else now?
i’m sure you know the phenomenon that cats always land on their feet and jam&bread always lands on the jam-side… the guys over at did an experiment on how to equiponderate the two basic physical laws (link) :grin:
other projects include trying to find out

  • the distribution of letters in alphabet soup (link),
  • how much fizzling is inside carbonated beverages (link),
  • how much aluminum-foil is needed to wrap up a car (link), and
  • the ratio of cars and skin in a playboy magazine (link)

those people are truly creative!

unfortunately, you probably won’t get the secondary jokes because the whole site is in german only…

but let me translate this for you: when eating alphabet soup, try avoiding the combination a, c (2), e, g, i, l, r (2), s, t, u – it leads up to gastric ulcer. :wink:

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