time-lapse, part 4: sleeping behavior

ok, this is an older file, but it may be interesting anyway…

it was recorded in the night of january 31st and shows ME :grin:
more precicely, it shows my sleeping behavior from 00:30 to 06:30.

sleeping behavior
(download video)

starting time:
total time:
shutter speed:
camera mode:

45 seconds
6 hours
Sony Cybershot DSC-F717

video data:
mpeg4/xvid – one pass: quality – 15 fps – qual: 85% (get the codec | help)

video length:
file size:

33 sec.
x 675 (1 second in the video equals 11,25 minutes in real-time)
13,1 MB

the file is hosted on a free-webspace account. on the one hand it has no traffic limitation, but on the other hand there are frequent downtimes/server overloads. so if the link doesn’t work, just try again after a minute or two.

i took the pictures in a 15-second-interval, but the video would have turned out 100 seconds long with a filesize of over 30MB. and that’s just not suitable for sharing on the internet…

i must say, since i’m the one shown in the video, i find it truly hilarious! can’t even say why, but i find it funny how much i exercise while i should be resting ;-)
besides: i find it interesting how i get more and more active towards morning hours…

my head is already bubbling with new ideas for time-lapse projects!

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