high school flashback

currently, there’s not much “present” going on in my life.
a lot of “past” though, and even more “future”…

because i’m usually not willing to disclose anything in the future that isn’t 100% certain (probably in an attempt to compensate for all the people who talk and talk and never do what they say), here’s a little summary of my “current past”:

at paradise beach / kos i’ve been confronted (in a good way) with the pictures of our graduation trip to kos/greece (summer 2003), recently. somehow i still can’t believe how much fun we had together.

because i have stored the pictures of kos in the same folder as the pictures of our last official school day, i was compelled to watch these, too. shortly after, i found myself searching for the pictures of our school-trip to venice in october 2002 (one of them is posted already).

i’ve picked three images from those past three events to show here. i know it’s not much, but i like them.
[view photos]

and then, when i was sorting out a LOT of cd’s that were lying around, i stumbled across the one that niki and i recorded back in borg (equals high school). niki is great at jamming, so we did lots of variations of what we were actually supposed to play during borg piano lessons. i don’t know how it came, but one day we recorded some of the songs on our teacher’s dat-recorder – it even was a day off school!

there you go:

[listen to sample]
niki dolp & markus nolf – fips in the park – zip [mp3], 2,1MB

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