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[posted: Thursday, 2005-02-24] [category: computers & technology]

there are a few wardrobe malfunctions that i recently took care of:

  • i discovered that the picture-popup window is misplaced on mac computers (interestingly, that happens in safari as well as firefox!).
    the javascript that resizes and relocates the window has been disabled for mac users now.
  • i’ve finally straightened out the stupid css/font-setting that (amongst other things) makes “cl” look like a “d” on some pages. looks like i’ll have to sort my css-sheet sometime – it’s pretty chaotic…
  • the blog’s categories are now sorted by name. i was annoyed at the chronological sorting…

unfortunately i don’t quite know how to correct the firefox misinterpretation on the categorized gallery. the submenu is meant to be just one line high (like MSIE interprets it), but the select-box is for some reason inflating it…


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