msnbot statistics

the msnbot has practically always been browsing and catalogueing my homepage, in a very intensive way.

my first record is from the time when version 0.11 was surfing around (about three days after i activated the advanced log):

    2004-05-24@16:22:34 | msnbot/0.11 |

the hostnames were constant: msnbot[something] or

in september 2004, the new version 0.3 hit my homepage for the first time:

    2004-09-19@09:08:39 | msnbot/0.3 |

this one usually stayed for 4 hours at a time, up to 9 hours (on sept. 29th)!

in january 2005, the current version 1.0 came to visit.

    2005-01-30@02:50:45 | msnbot/1.0 |

the little difference between msnbot/1.0 and previous versions?
it is apparently running on two different locations:

    2005-02-07@06:24:12 | msnbot/1.0 |
    2005-02-07@12:28:45 | msnbot/1.0 | sasch1031301.phx.gbl
    2005-02-07@12:52:55 | msnbot/1.0 |
    2005-02-08@06:57:12 | msnbot/1.0 |

    2005-02-10@20:30:06 | msnbot/1.0 | sasch1031301.phx.gbl

i wonder why they are sending in the other bot every now and then.
maybe there’s one for page-indexing and another one link-counting? probably not.

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