vienna opera ball

i joined my parents in watching the opening ceremony of the world-famous vienna opera ball for some minutes, because …well, they had all the pistachios.

so anyway: one of the moderators just talked about the flower arrangements, and he said something like “and those who have advanced botany knowledge, like me, will recognize the beautiful anthurium flowers”. he didn’t stress out “like me” right after knowledge, but it clearly was his point.

now, what the self-proclaimed “professor of botany” doesn’t know is: anthurium looks *a little* different from the flowers that were actually shown: strelitzia reginae, a.k.a. bird-of-paradise flower.

and besides, what makes the viennese ball so famous? it’s just a typical ball, isn’t it?
and who the whell would pay 16.000 € (SIXTEEN THOUSAND euros) to be in a loge?

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