traditions and stuff

it’s interesting how perspectives can change over time.

for a long time i was feeling awkward for our (=the tyrolean) traditions. they just seemed ridiculous, and really uncivilized. by the time, especially when i got to make more and more international contacts, somehow my cultural proudness (folklore-wise) grew – up to the current point.

i realized that – although some of them are total bull****, senseless and not worth even thinking about for a second – some others are really nice ancient customs that should absolutely be kept alive!
i’ve gotten very proud of (many of) tyrol’s traditions and or our folklore music (if practiced correctly) in the past few years, because they’re something our great-grandparents already adhered enthusedly. and because they’re unique to our region and landscape.

    please keep in mind here, that i’m still fighting strongly for “ ‘it’s always been that way’ is NOT an argument FOR ANYTHING!
    it’s more like i’m re-discovering the sense and thought behind some of them.

i always loved irish folklore (check out altan and gaelic storm), and traditional african choir music (go look for lebo m [you’ve got to listen to “the lion sleeps tonight”!] and miriam makeba) – but now i really appreciate the huge variety of tyrolean folk-music…

in other news, i’ve started to create my own “insider-traditions” or “family-traditions”.

for example, i decided to show up at my brother and his girlfriend’s birthday parties ALWAYS in a tux, no matter the theme, company or climate. (the first time, i was asked “so, where are you going afterwards?” in a very serious way :smile:)

one long-time tradition that i’m likely to break this year is “not celebrating my birthday”. i generally don’t feel very social in winter, so these last years i either just didn’t celebrate or had a good excuse (exams, …) to not celebrate. i don’t think i missed out on something.
but 2005 is different. my concept of life, friends, … has changed. because if you look closely, it’s just a good occasion to meet up with people you like.
i don’t feel like i have to compensate for those people who just look for an opportunity to get really drunk anymore. not sure i felt so at all, previously.

so that’s two completely different posts in “music and contemplative”. not bad!

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