god, i love that state when i’m waiting for the exam papers (or i’m waiting for 35 minutes to be let into the auditorium, must hope to get a seat at all, and then i’m waiting for the exam papers, like today) and my mind keeps bubbling along with all the stuff i’ve learned.

to begin documenting today’s events chronologically: i was swamped with good feelings (as it happens a lot, lately) when i entered the campus area – even though there was only one person around. and a bicycle ;-) (see photos way down)
so, after i figured i was in the wrong building, i went across the square and landed in an entrance room full of youths. somehow the feeling of being “one of the old guys” did upset me, considering that they’re actually my age and i just started one year early.
giving “the young” advice on other exams they’ll be taking doesn’t really add well to my feeling old…

and then, [i have started starting every sentence saying “and then” when i’m telling long stories, by the way. ;-) remember “dude, where’s my car?”] i took the test, which was a lot more specific than the questions we had from this class’ earlier exams, but still i think it went well.

since i’m a very visual person, mindmapping got to be my optimized way of studying. i’ve gotten my structures and patterns pretty complex by now, having a specific connection/line/arrow for several levels…
i’ve added two impressions on that to today’s photos!
BTW, if you wonder about the writings in my mindmap, there’s two confessions to make:

    1. yes, those unproportional symbols make up my (block-letter-) handwriting!
    2. yeah, i really find this interesting. seriously, stop looking at me like that!

and here’s a little “memo to myself”: in case you (=i) didn’t pass this test, maybe it’s better to not take a 2-day-break on day #5 and #6 of your 7-day-study-phase. and maybe you shouldn’t watch a whole season of scrubs when you’re supposed to have a study-weekend!!

talk about multitasking: i’ve written this entry while posting two other entries… anyway, here come all 3 of today’s photos!

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  1. Hi Markus
    I have been reading your blog and have been crying with laughter at some of your retoric
    Look forward to seeing you soon
    Cheers Julieanne

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